Show at Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

January 8, 2012

I have a show opening on Friday, February 3rd at Ruberto Ostberg Gallery.  It’s a group show featuring photographic based work for the 2012 Exposure Festival.  The festival will be occuring during the month of February and takes place in Calgary, Canmore and Banff.  Many galleries participate in the festival so it’s a great time of year to see a lot of local photographic work.  You can gallery hop from Calgary and Banff and probably see 20 galleries’ works in only two days.  Great stuff!

The above is an 8×10 proof print of one of the works I will be exhibiting at the show.  I pulled out all the stops in the darkroom to get this one to work.  It’s a 4×5 shot of a very contrasty subject.  I had to combine contrast reduction masking with dodging to get the sky detail to show up, the shadowed foreground to show up, and all without exhibiting strange tones.  I’m very excited that the image turned out as rich as it did.  Shots like these renew my faith in film photography.

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